Sports on the LoLo

I am a senior at the University of Oregon (UO) majoring in Journalism. My primary focus in the School of Journalism and Communications is sports media. I have been an athlete majority of my life and have a deep love for sports. I continued my athletic career all the way through my freshman year in college when I played on the women’s basketball team at Northwest Christian University in 2005-06. After finishing my transfer degree I decided to shift my focus to improving my  writing skills. Writing is another passion of mine, mainly journalistic style writing. Once I decided to transfer and focus on academics I knew I wanted to do something that involved the two things I loved, sports and journalism.

At the University of Oregon I worked at a quick pace finding avenues that allowed me to sharpen my skills and learn new things. I have had multiple articles published in the Oregon Daily Emerald including one on home games at Autzen stadium. I  was hired on at the radio station on campus, KWVA 88.1. The radio station is affiliated with the UO’s athletic website and the Ozone. I have done play-by-play and color commentating for all of the Oregon Women’s Soccer home games. I did half time and post game on-air updates for the Oregon Men’s and Women’s basketball teams, as well as post game blog posts on the radio stations blog I also worked for the student ran television program Duck-TV. On Duck-TV I acted as a sports analyst on the show in the segment “Packin’ Heat”. I also put together packages for the show including filming the event, editing footage, and doing stand-up in the piece. Currently I am interning for Oregon IMG Sports Marketing Group.

I am excited to be moving forward in my career and I am ready to learn more and apply my skills and abilities in the professional world of sports.

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