Haoyi Lu

Hi everyone! I am Haoyi Lu, a transfer student from Shanghai, China, majoring in Journalism. It seems that I’m the only international student in this whole class and it is not an easy choice for me to study! This is my second year in the U.S. and I still can’t get used to the life in Eugene. I grew up in a big city and I like the fast-pace life, so I’m planning to get my master degree in New York City after I graduate. I’ve been there once and it gave me the feeling of my hometown – Shanghai.

I know, it is hard for people to write in their second language professionally. I will make my best effort to polish my writing skills. Now, I’m working in both editor and design groups in HuaFeng Magazine (it’s the only published Chinese magazine in UO campus), and I am next in line to be the editor in chief.

I like photography, design and video editing – practical things. After I finish my study in the U.S, I will probably go back to China and engage in Journalism as my career. I hope all the skills I learnt here will help me be successful in my career and shine my life.

Follow me on Twitter @Haoyi Lu

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