Colette Levesque aka – Coletteral Damage.

I am senior from Portland, Ore., attempting a double major in Journalism and Cinema Studies. 

Currently, I write for Oregon Voice and Ethos. I am really into 35mm photography and enjoy taking photos of people in their natural environment. 

I aspire to maintain youth in my life and while avoiding the inevitable, growing up, I’d like to find a job at a place like Vice or AdBusters

If your’e into that follow me on Twitter @LevesquePDX

You can also check out my work on cargo collective  –

Additionally, videos are on Vimeo –

About Colette Levesque

Journalism / Film major. University of Oregon.
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1 Response to Colette Levesque aka – Coletteral Damage.

  1. M Johnson says:

    Colette, Brilliant young mind,articulate and interesting post.

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