Midterm Part IV: Friendly Area Residents Share Mixed Feelings about GOP Elections

The four presidential Republican primaries Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum may not get much support from voters in the Friendly Area Neighborhood.

With the Republican primary elections beggining, Friendly residents voice their mixed opinions on the remaining four candidates.

By: Brittany Parvi

Eugene-The Republican primary race started January 3, in Iowa. Currently, Romney and Santorum are tied in this election. Romney has won Nev., Fla., N.H. and Maine while Santorum has taken Mo., Minn. and Colo. Gingrich won in S.C. and it is his only win so far. Ron Paul hasn’t won a primary election yet.

Citizens of the Friendly Neighborhood think Romney and Santorum are going to be the ones to challenge President Barack Obama.

“The hardest candidate for him [Obama] to beat will probably be Romney since he’s more moderate. He will probably siphon off more Democrats who aren’t extremely happy with Obama,” said local business owner of Red Wagon Creamery Stuart Phillips.

Phillips tends to vote as a Democrat, but thinks the decision will become harder when choosing between Romney and Obama.

When it comes down to it local John McGinty thinks Romney would be the best as the main stream GOP. “If there were an election today, I would vote for Santorum,” said McGinty. Santorum hasn’t been the one out in front; he’s been raising money. McGinty believes the others are not electable.

This campaign so far has consisted of negative campaign ads. The candidates have not touched on the issues, which the citizens of Friendly are concerned about.

“All the entitlements need to be overhauled,” said McGinty. He would like to see the candidates talk about Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and what they plan to do about the economy such as, “doing things to keep the jobs here or to create an environment that is friendly to businesses.”

Even 16-year-old Aine Kennedy wants Obama to stay in office. When the president was elected she was happy because of the change it would bring. Which she would like to see in her high school, “I think we could use a lot of improvement like our foreign language classes are getting cut every year pretty much.”

Electives at South Eugene High School are beginning to disappear. “I was in French last year and I was going to be in French two this year but there was no room because there is only one class now. They’re cutting German, Spanish one and Japanese.”

What it boils down to is Romney or Obama?

“If the economy doesn’t tank again, probably Obama,” said Phillips.

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  1. Stuart says:

    My, I am a handsome devil. ; )

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