Goodpasture Island Troubled by Bicycle and Car Thefts: Midterm Part IV

By Adam Holmes/Reporting 1 Student

The Goodpasture Island neighborhood has recently been hit by a series of bicycle and car thefts. Separated from the greater Eugene area, this suburb is largely composed of apartments and private businesses, but this hasn’t stopped thieves from stealing not only bikes, but valuable items inside of cars. Many of its residents are taking extra precautions to make sure that they are not the next victims.

Ben Hendrix, an employee at the Kendall Auto Group as well as a resident at the Creekside Apartments for almost two years, has recently dealt with both theft and vandalism where he lives. Specifically, his Honda was broken into twice and both his wife and daughter had their bikes stolen. He has started taking precautions to keep the bikes safe from theft.

“I put the bikes in the apartment,” Hendrix said. “We’re in a downstairs apartment, so it’s really tough to have space.”

Due to these space concerns, Hendrix keeps his daughter’s bike in his bedroom. However, he still believes that Goodpasture Island is a good neighborhood.

Other apartment complexes have become aware of the problem. Complexes like Boulders on the River are taking measures, such as posting bulletins and mentions in the newsletter, to inform their tenants about the problem and how to keep safe.

“It’s not like a huge, huge thing. Occasionally, but we always try to tell people, you know, put them inside or make sure it’s locked up and stuff like that,” said Brianna Inico, Boulders leasing agent. She went on to stress that it’s important that people don’t leave any valuables in their car.

Precautionary Measures for Other Businesses

Residences other than apartments are also doing their best to prevent theft. Although he wasn’t aware of the specific problems in Goodpasture Island, Tye Allen, Resident Director at the Sawyer House, an assisted living center, stated the facility has a variety of safety measures to prevent theft. This includes a secured caged area for employees to put their bikes, locking the doors in the evening, maintaining a staff 24 hours a day and having the staff go on rounds in the evening to make sure the doors are locked and the residents are safe.

“The one thing I would do, had I even known this, would probably be to put a sign on the door letting everybody know as a reminder to lock their doors,” Allen said.

Thefts haven’t been limited to just bicycles and cars in Goodpasture Island. Private business have had their share of problems. Cindy Washburne, an ABO Certified Optician at Pacific Clearvision Institute, mentioned how the building recently installed a security camera.

“It’s because of thefts of the [eyeglass] frames,” Washburne said.

According to a recent report from KEZI, police are doing their best to spread the word about crime prevention in the neighborhood.

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