Cal Young Residents Torn on Republican Primaries

Residents Think Character Attacks and Media Sensationalism Have Overshadowed Policies

By Garth Dmyterko

The Republican Party presidential primaries have been the biggest news in American politics for the past few months causing much political discussion among people everywhere, including the Cal Young neighborhood in Eugene.

The heated battle between Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich is appearing to be wide open and seems to feature a new favorite every week. There does not seem to be a leader among the candidates with each of them garnering a similar amount of popularity. America can’t seem to find a consensus on what candidate is favored and the Cal Young neighborhood is no exception as everyone seems to have a candidate they like and dislike.

“I hate Santorum,” Kris Posta said. “Mitt Romney is the closest thing to being acceptable.” Posta also added that she was sad when Michele Bachmann dropped out of the race because she liked her accent. Posta also doesn’t consider Ron Paul to be a Republican based on his views.

“Personally, I’d be horrified if Newt Gingrich were our president. But weirder things have happened I suppose,” Charlotte Maloney said. Maloney also thinks Romney is the best candidate because he would have the best chance to unseat President Obama.

Throughout the primary, the candidates have continued to attack each other personally and some feel that it has overshadowed many of the issues of the debates.

“It’s been funny and hilarious to watch in a disturbing way,” said Kylie VanRysselbergh. “I can’t even keep it straight. It’s turned into a circus.”

Maloney thinks that personal scandals have overshadowed the real issues in the Republican race.

“The policies are what we’re supposed to be talking about at times like this,” said Maloney, who has been disappointed with the way the primary has gone.

The candidate’s policies were another talking point among the people of the Cal Young neighborhood:

Posta thinks that the candidates are doing a lot of pandering. She also thinks it is strange that issues such as gay marriage and abortion have been the main focus of discussion when she believes that the Republican Party’s views have been that of less government involvement in such matters.

Oakway Center mall in the Cal Young neighborhood

One thing some members of the Cal Young neighborhood agree on was the way the primary has been covered by the media:

VanRysselbergh thinks that the media has blown the primary out of proportion and has jumped on board with whatever candidate is the flavor of the week.

“They’re not telling the truth about it,” said VanRysselbergh. “I just want to hear the truth about it.”

Maloney tends to agree with VanRysselbergh:

“I think [the media] goes for sensationalism by and large,” said Maloney, who gets most of her news from online sources.

The Cal Young residents will be able to put their opinion on a ballot when the Oregon primary is held on May 15.

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