Cal Young citizens weigh in

The Republican primaries continue


Cal Young's citizens around Oakway Mall lended their political opinions about the Republican primaries

Cal Young's citizens around Oakway Mall lended their political opinions about the Republican primaries.

Funny. Hilarious. Disturbing. Circus. These are some words that Cal Young’s Kylie VanRysselbergh used to describe how she feels about the primaries. “I can’t even keep it straight,” she said.

Members of the Cal Young neighborhood have various views on the progression of the Republican Party’s search for a presidential candidate.

News of the Republican primaries has been flooding news media outlets for weeks. Arizona and Michigan are next on the schedule, with the primary election set for Feb. 28. Mitt Romney has been considered the front-runner, but Rick Santorum and Ron Paul have achieved some key victories.

The Oregon Republican primaries are on May 15, and the opinions from Eugene’s Cal Young are mostly spiked with criticism and disappointment. Charlotte Maloney, a shopper at Cal Young’s Oakway Center, is disappointed that the discussions have not centered on policies. There have been a lot of distracting personal concerns. She thinks that personal scandals have overshadowed the real issues. “The policies are what we’re supposed to be talking about at times like this,” Maloney said.

At times like this some citizens are distrustful of the media coverage of political proceedings. Maloney thinks that the media tends to lean on sensationalism typically.  What frustrates VanRysselbergh the most about the media coverage of the race is the way it is presented. She wants to hear what happens. “I just want to hear the truth about it,” she said.

Kris Posta, also a Cal Young resident, does not have a television, so she tries to get her political news from her friends and through Google news. Posta expressed her annoyance with the candidates who seem to be pandering. Political “pandering” is catering to the views of the audience the candidate is attempting to win.

Posta is not happy with any of the Republican candidates. She expressed her honest opinion about several of them: “I hate Santorum. Mitt Romney is the closest thing to being acceptable. Ron Paul isn’t really a Republican.”

The general consensus in the Cal Young citizens asked is that Romney is the Republican Party’s best bet. Maloney said, “I think Mitt Romney has the biggest chance of challenging President Obama.”

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