Bonus Global Relief Beat Blog: Giving your heart on Valentine’s Day

Typical Valentine’s Day activity:

-Going on a date with your significant other

-Griping about another over-commercialized holiday

-Listening to your friends gripe about another over-commercialized holiday

-Eating lots of chocolate, watching chick flicks, and doing homework.

For a holiday that’s intended to promote sharing love, there are a lot of negative sentiments floating around. Fight that negativity with some new ways to give love through some global relief organizations. Hopefully these Valentine’s Day themed events will encourage everyone to love others, nearby and around the world.

If the only reason you like this day is the chocolate, then buy chocolate supplies through the Equal Exchange Interfaith Store this year. They help support farmers in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

If you’re planning on sending out an e-card to your friends, send one that will make a difference. Mercy Corps has designed a card that will encourage recipients to donate to Mercy Corps’ mission in Africa.

Through the Global ReLeaf program you can make a donation to help the environment in the name of your loved one. If you send money, your loved one will receive a certificate that will recognize your generosity.

Give your heart this Valentine’s Day.


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