The Goodpasture Island Profile Search

A lot of my week has been filled with studying for midterms and other priorities, but I have done a little research for finding a good subject, but hasn’t been promising. Unlike the rest of Eugene, Goodpasture is relatively normal.

The problem is that while Goodpasture is a nice neighborhood in general, there aren’t exactly many unique spots to visit. Most of the area is comprised of either apartments or private owned businesses, most of which are investment firms. I did have the idea of having Captain Jim Montgomery of the Valley River Fire Department. He had a lot of interesting answers, and his job would be perfect from a visual standpoint. However, judging by the hesitance he had when I informed him that our first interview would be published online, I doubt he would be willing to volunteer for a whole profile piece.

There’s also the problem of getting over to that area. When I was working with a partner it wasn’t an issue, but since we are working on this assignment on our own, my means of transportation are severely limited. I think that my best bet would be to go to the Valley River Center and scour around for some interesting people, since there’s always something going on there. I’ve just hit a minor block with this assignment, but it’ll work out.

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