Profile Search: Goodpasture

My plan for my profile is to interview the owner of the Goodpasture dry cleaners, the “Cleanery”. Kathleen Sturza, the owner of the business would be an amazing profile subject. I have interviewed her before for a previous assighnment. She is a vibrant women and very positive about the Goodpasture community.

In my conversation with Kathleen in my previous interview, she gave me a little bit of a back story about when she moved near Goodpasture and when she opened the Cleanery. Her story was brief but really stuck out in my head. She would be a perfect subject for my profile.

She gave me her card before I left and so I wrote her an email and left her a voice message. She is really nice and I know she would love to be my profile because she was very excited to have me interview her before.

Another great aspect about Kathleen is that her business does work for charity. She gives back to the community and that is the main thing I look for in a profile subject.


About stephanieessin

Currently in pursuit of my Master's of Multimedia Journalism at the University of Oregon. 23, Media enthusiast.
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