On the Hunt for Whiteaker’s Perfect Profile

Much like a few of my fellow classmates, the search for a profile subject hasn’t been the most rewarding as of yet. Thankfully, Whiteaker is jam-packed with quirky and interesting people who I have no doubt will be willing to assist me with this assignment.

While perusing the internet for some inspiration on who and what to profile, I stumbled upon this gem of a slideshow: http://www.slideshare.net/allysonwill/visual-tour-of-whiteaker-businesses

It lists some popular Whiteaker businesses and their locations. From the slideshow, Papa’s Soul Food, Eugene Glass Menagerie and Cornerstone Glass struck me as the most promising place to find some interesting subjects.

Papa’s Soul Food is a small (and I mean, really small) restaurant on Blair St. that serves all types of comfort food. I hope I can get in contact with either the owner or the main chef.

Eugene Glass Menagerie is also located on Blair St.. It’s a hand-blown glass shop with an exterior covered by a vibrant mural. It’s bound to house some funky characters inside its walls.

Cornerstone Glass is a glass blowing studio and shop. Their 5000 square foot warehouse welcomes in artists and curious spirits alike. This is probably the most ideal setting for my profile, but further research will tell how helpful of a venue it will be.

I plan to spend my long weekend figuring out my next steps!

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