Just a fly on the wall at the Eugene Coffee Company.

Mornings in a coffee shop are always buzzing. People need their morning cup of joe. The aroma of coffee fills the small but eloquent coffee shop. One man walks in and there is one person at the drive thru window. There are seven tables with chairs, the main counter with a display case, and a leather chair and couch with a coffee table. Two people are working. Barista one tends to the cash register and the barista two works on a majority of the coffee orders.

Get your coffee here at the Eugene Coffee Company!

“Hello, what can I get for you today?”

“See ya, thank you!”

Barista 1: “Uh-oh, Sherry is here.”

Barista 2: “Uh-oh.”

“Hey Jen.”

Barista 2: “Hey Pierre. You look nice in yellow and black today.”

“Ah, hahahaha sweet.”

Another lady walks in with purple hair in black leggings, a winter coat, and asks for a vanilla latte.

“You ladies have a good day today.”

Barista 2: “Thanks Pierre, you too.”

Barista 2: “Ooooo your hair is cute,” talking to the vanilla latte girl.

“Thank you,” she says. She leaves and a half-awake guy walks in. He mumbles his order and sits a few tables away from me.

Music is playing in the background and it is mellow for a busy morning. No one is talking and the barista are busy with their coffee orders. They change the music while commenting on it.

Barista 2: “It’s getting really sad all of a sudden. I’m too tired for that right now.”

“It’s too early for that kind of shit,” says the half-awake guy. “Thank you so much and have a great day guys.”

Barista 2: “Ring her up for a shot in the dark, a white mocha, and a house coffee.”

Barista 1: “Do you want jackets for the house coffee?”

Barista 1: “Cody came in the other day with a friend and his brother. He said something about how my eyes are really intense. It made me really uncomfortable.”

The drive thru buzzer goes off and another lady walks in and orders. A mother and daughter walk in. The daughter has a wolf hat on and orders a bagel without cream cheese and the mom orders a double mocha.

Beep: The drive thru buzzer goes off and the sound of a man’s deep voice orders.

Barrista 1: “Here’s your cappuccino.”

Beep: “Hello, what can I get for you?”

Barista 2: “Hey John, how’s it going?

“It’s going well.”

He rips the Velcro from his bag to grab his wallet.

“Can I get a shot in the dark?”

Barista 1: “Ohhhh yeah.”

Barista 2: “Oh yeah.”

“Great, thank you girls. Have a great day.”

Barista 2: “Thanks you too, see ya later, John.”

The ECC starts to pick up inside there is a line at the register. There are four people waiting to order. One guy, both the barista know as Cody.

Two ladies meet each other with a hug and say good morning. “Did you cut your hair?”

“Nuh-uh, I didn’t.”

“Well, it looks good, it looks different.”


“When you get time, will you grab the two percent milk, please.”

“Of course.”

“Thank you!”


“I spilled my tea a little.”

Barista 1: “Do you need a rag?”

“Yeah, thank you.”

A dad and his little boy walk in and the little boy is upset about wanting to get something but the dad won’t let him. The little boy walks over to the mom and the daughter sitting down and starts chatting them up showing them his new shirt. The father comes over to the boy and they sit down. He puts the little boy in his lap.

“What’s this dad? What’s this?”

The little boy takes a big bite of the chocolate donut and doesn’t talk for a minute.

“Do you wanna bite?” The little boy asks his dad.

All the tables are filling up now, as people keep walking in. At table one there is a young lady with her laptop studying for a test. She is on blackboard and has note cards spread over the table.

Barista 2: “The chai is ready.”

“Thank you.”

The blender starts buzzing, then the espresso machine starts and you can barely hear the music let alone yourself.

Beep: The drive thru buzzer goes off again.

“You’re a Ninja; you ladies have a lovely morning. It’s always a lovely morning.”

The start of an engine goes off and it’s the little boy playing with his dad’s iPhone.

Barista 2: “Shot in the dark with room for cream.” The customer walks up, “Oh it’s just you. If I had known I would have spit in it,” she says jokingly. The lady jokes back with her then sits down at her table.

“Is it cute? Is it fun?” The same lady chats up the little boy. He starts the car engine on the game again. “It started right up, not like my car,” she jokes.

The mom and daughter pack up and leave through the back door.

Buzz: “Hi, what can I get for you?”

The little boy wants to come over here doing but the dad says “she’s working on something.” The dad takes the little boy’s hand and they walk out.

“Bye John!”

He is almost out the door and looks back and says goodbye.

Barista 1 empties the tip jar and all you hear is coins circling the counter.

Barista 1: “Good morning , what can I get cha?”

“I’d like a 16 ounce triple decaf soy chai.”

The whistle from the espresso machine fills the air and drowns out the conversations taking place.

The lady barista two joked with earlier comes up to her and whispers, “Are people going to think I’m a lesbian? Not that would be a bad thing or anything. Well, it would make sense, I’m wearing my son’s jacket and he’s a cute little gay boy.”

“Thanks for coming in!”

Come in and have a cup o' joe or drive thru, you can do both at the Eugene Coffee Company.

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