“Why’s this so good?” Katie Hasty Analyzes Sasquatch 2012 Lineup

Pacific Northwest music fans had their eyes glued to their Twitter feeds as they anxiously waited for the official release of Sasquatch Music Festival‘s lineup for Memorial Day weekend 2012.

The launch party took place at Seattle’s Neptune Theatre February 2nd and featured performances by Junip, Matthew Caws of Nada Surf, and The Physics. For those of us who couldn’t make it to the Emerald City, relying on Twitter and beat blogs was our best bet to get the reveal as it was released.

Not only did Katie Hasty list the reveal on her hitfix.com blogpost, she delved deeper into the bands that are scheduled to appear at the Memorial Day weekend event and used her musical instincts to toss around some theories about what’s to come in the world of music. It takes a real knowledge of recording habits to make assumptions on a band’s future plans, but Hasty’s experience as a musician gives her that extra edge.

At the center of her excitement towards the 2012 lineup were her
thoughts on plans for Jack White, Beck, Tenacious D, and Bon Iver.

She suggests more concert appearances and tour dates from all of the headlining bands. As for Beck, whose melodic presence has been sparse over the past four or five years, Hasty thinks Sasquatch will be a kick-off for a new record for this talented soul, with a handful of summer concerts filtering into Fall.

It’s easy enough to post a line-up to a music festival, but what makes Hasty’s post so good is how she gives her readers a bit more to think about than who’s performance is at the top of their list. The music industry tends to be surprising and new record releases sometimes come out of left field. It’s writers like Hasty that help fans to stay up to date with what’s “hot” and what’s not.

Hasty sets her post apart from the rest of the beat bloggers that profiled the Sasquatch lineup over the past 24 hours by leaving the list of bands for the end of her article. She is strategic in making sure her voice is heard before she gives her reader what they came for. Posting her thoughts prior to listing the lineup ensures that her audience will have to skim through what she has to say. It’s smart. Real smart.

Music is constantly changing and a good beat blog requires not only good writing, but great knowledge of the topic and Hasty seems to have her bases covered.

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