“Why’s this so good?” Brandon Roy’s decision to retire

Sports stories normally include statistics on players, scores of games, and reflections by players but when All-Star guard Brandon Roy’s surprising decision to retire, sports writing became a lot more interesting.

ESPN.com writers Chad Ford and Marc Stein turn a shocking and saddening story into something great. Roy is a “five-year veteran who helped the team shed its ‘Jail Blazers’ reputation,” but with the condition his knees are in he couldn’t return for another season.

The quotes make this article that good. The writers use quotes that mean something rather than throwing facts around. The quotes tell us the shock and emotion the players are going through because of Roy’s decision. But, it also allows Roy to explain how he came to his decision without paraphrasing him.

“My family and health are most important to me and in the end this decision was about them and my quality of life,” Roy said in the joint statement released by the team. “I want to thank (owner) Paul Allen, (team president) Larry Miller, Coach (Nate) McMillan, the entire Trail Blazers organization and our fans for all of their love and support during my time in Portland. It was a great ride.”

This article shows that Roy is more than just another player. He’s a family man, friend, and role model.

“Brandon Roy will always be a Trail Blazer in our hearts and minds,” Miller said in the statement. “He was an All-Star and a warrior every night that he stepped on the court and gave everything he had to help us win. He was a role model on and off the court, and through his leadership he turned us into a winning franchise once again.”

This article is great because it captures the responses of fellow teammates. The responses in the article are positive and they show support for Roy with the hard decision he made. This article is just that dang good because it makes the reader feel like life will be okay for this 27-year-old All-Star.

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