“Why’s this so good?”: A Tealightful Applause for Lisa Richardson

When It comes to blogging about specialty teas, it can become extremely monotonous steeping through all of the lazy descriptive bloggers that post about how “good” their tea palate is. Let’s face it: blogging about tea isn’t all that interesting. It takes a special blogger to catch my attention and when I read Seattle- A Tea Town Part 3 by Lisa Boalt Richardson, a splash of refreshment soaked my tea bone. I couldn’t stop reading.

Lisa is more than a great tea blogger. She is an award winning author, public speaker and works as a marketing PR specialist. This particular blog entry that I ran across is about Seattle, Washington and the vast tea community there. She visited Pike Place Market, a market aimed at providing farm fresh produce and unique foods with an international flair. Pike Place Market is known as the home for the original Starbucks. Before Starbucks took on the world enterprise of coffee, it was named Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spices. Recently, Starbucks has invested in Tazo Tea products. according to an article by the online publication Marketing Week, “Starbucks hopes to tap into the $87bn (£54.6bn) global tea market”. This is exciting news for the growth of tea culture in America.

Another reason that this blog post is so good is the fact that she chalks it full of exciting pictures, links to websites of tea shops there and really great video clips of the market to give the reader a taste of what it is like. One shop she wrote about is called Virtual Tea Leaf. This tea shop has another location in San Francisco’s Chinatown. They advertise “come to experience the casual art of drinking tea”.

Lisa is a good blogger. She caught my attention because she describes more than what is going on around her, she gives basic back information that is really useful and interesting.

“The store carries many teas and teawares along with allowing you to taste free samples of tea. I sat down and was treated to some oolong tea served in a gaiwan which is a Chinese style of serving tea in a small cup with a lid and no handle.” 

I never new the traditional style of serving tea in China. She brings great authenticity in what she is writing about.

Beautifully descriptive and chalked full of media, “Seattle- a Tea Town Part 3” is a perfect example of how to write a great blog post for a specialty item such as tea. It is engaging to the reader with pictures and video clips to keep you interested until the final sentence. My advice: This blog post be best enjoyed with a spot of tea at your lips.

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Currently in pursuit of my Master's of Multimedia Journalism at the University of Oregon. 23, Media enthusiast.
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2 Responses to “Why’s this so good?”: A Tealightful Applause for Lisa Richardson

  1. Mariette says:

    Dearest Stephanie,
    For quite a while I’ve known about Lisa and her LOVE for tea, which literally SPILLS over! It makes a difference if you know more about the back ground of tea. Like my husband and I also lived and worked in India and Indonesia where we literally could walk through the areas with tea plantations. Even at home in our large botanical garden, we do have this Camellia Sinensis Tea Plant and last year I did a post about it, early March as it was blooming so pretty together with the Magnolias.
    Keep up this great writing and lots of success!

    Mariette’s Back to Basics

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