Goodpasture Island Resource Locations

Goodpasture Island is one of Eugene’s oldest areas, having been settled since 1853. Primarily made up of homes and apartments, this neighborhood has a variety of resources that are available nearby that include parks, shopping centers and a school. This post will inform you about these resources, as well as provide several links.

Although Goodpasture Island only has one school located nearby, it’s a school with a lot of history. Marist High School started out as a small room in an old elementary school, and its first freshman class enrolled in 1918 with seven women graduating in 1922. The actual school was constructed in 1967. Marist High School is a Catholic school that has an estimated 512 students enrolled, according to their website. For those with younger children, there is also a Playdates Child Care Center, which offers both part-time and full-time care.

Delta Ponds is one of Eugene’s most expansive wildlife areas. It was recently reconnected with the Willamette River and is “a favorite spot for bird watching, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors.” It has also undergone other efforts to get rid of invasive species of plants and animals.

Located nearby the Ponds is the Valley River Fire Station, which is one of 11 fire stations located in Eugene. It is right near the Delta Highway, where a majority of the accidents they cover occur.

Most of the resources located in Goodpasture Island are a variety of private businesses. There are several health clinics available, including Brite Smile Whitening Professional, Pacific Medical Center and Lifetime Eye Care. There are multiple office buildings in the area that house investment and mortgage companies, like Edward Jones Investments and Paramount Mortgage Company, as well as law offices like the law office of Jeffrey S. Salisbury. Most of these companies are located in plazas and office buildings, such as the Village Plaza Office Building.

One advantage to living in Goodpasture Island its proximity to several shopping centers, most notably Valley River Center. This is one of two malls located in Eugene, and is a popular destination place for many people. In addition to having of stores, such as Sports Authority, JC Penny, Macy’s, etc., one of three movie theaters in Eugene. They also have a variety of partnerships with various charities and non-profit groups, including Relay for Life, Sacred Heart Medical Center and The Giving Tree. The mall also has a variety of amenities so everyone can enjoy their stay, such as electric scooters, lost & found, safety escorts and wheelchair service. There is also the Delta Oaks Shopping Center, which s located right off the Delta Highway. Notable stores located there are Dick’s Sporting Goods, Market of Choice and Wal-Mart.

However, Goodpasture Island is most well-known for its abundance of apartment complexes and housing areas. There is the Boulders on the River Apartment Complex (which runs right across from the Willamette River), Creekside Village, River Terrace Apartments, Glenbrook Apartments and many others.

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