Teachers Take to Twitter, Talk Education

Like we talked about in our last entry, technology is changing the way that the world works. Duh. Still, no where is this idea more prevalent than in the world of education. With teachers getting and sharing their new and innovative ways to shape young minds on the internet, teachers can now use techniques they learned in Indonesia in a classroom in Texas.

But entering this impressive display of educational information may be a bit daunting so here a quick guide to all you will need to know to start becoming a pro education tweeter.

Without starting with the key education players on Twitter, a good place to get a question answered or find out the latest going on is through education hashtags. Now there are a lot of them, and some of them get pretty specific depending on what one is looking for but a great place to start is going to be with the general hashtag: #edchat.

And just like that, you can see everything from articles on the state of Education to advice and support from other teachers around the globe. This is an excellent way to wet your feet on Twitter and a great place to find education tweeters who you really identify with.

But if you’re still looking for some key figures to follow on Twitter, I recommend these:

Tom Whitby – @tomwhitby

I mentioned him above in the #edchat discussion because, well, he’s the guy who founded the hashtag. With over 16,000 followers and a hands-on approach to answering his followers questions, Whitby cannot be overlooked as a resource. Here’s an example.

Next, resource. Vicki David – @coolcatteacher


A twitter force. From next teaching methods, to governmental education policy, Vicki does it all. A definite must.

US Department of Education – @usedgov

And finally, if keeping up with the United States up-to-the-minute education decisions, following the heads in charge is something you can’t go wrong with.

Now that you’ve got your feet wet, dive into the world of educational tweeting. And remember, the best way to keep up on your specific education interests is to find who and what you’re interested in. For now, this should be a good start.

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