Comically Written: Comic Book Adaptation News on Twitter

Twitter is one of the best places to go to learn the latest news regarding comic book movies, TV shows, video games, or just comic books themselves. A lot of the websites that cover these topics keep a consistent online presence on this site, not to mention Facebook as well.

While it’s difficult to find individual writers who keep their Twitter accounts consistently updated, I’ve often found that the writers at manage to do a good job making sure that their articles get out on Twitter regularly. Arguably, their most dedicated writer is Josh Wilding, who covers much of the news concerning comic book movies.

There are other writers on the site, like Mark Cassidy, MovieMasterCBM and the Marvel Freshman. Yes, some of them have usernames that sound weird, but their articles are quite professional and well-written.

However, I usually like to play it safe and follow the websites directly. Other popular and informative news sites include ComicsAlliance, BleedingCool, ComicBookResources and SuperHeroHype.

Finally, it never hurts to check out the main company Twitter feeds, which are usually DC Comics or Marvel. It should be said that the majority of their news has to do with the comic book medium itself. Still, it’s recommended you visit here occasionally to learn about characters or series you may have heard of through the movies or TV shows.

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