Wanted: local entertainment for the Friendly Area Neighborhood

Friendly neighborhood lives up to its name of being warm and welcoming, according to neighborhood residents.

Members of the Friendly Area Neighborhood couldn’t think of many major changes to living or working there. The neighborhood’s sense of community is already present, but the citizens prefer more entertainment in the area. Overall, residents feel the Friendly neighborhood is one of the better places to live in Eugene.

“It’s a hodgepodge of older and newer,” said resident Erin Ely. With the Lucia Community Project underway, she hopes the neighborhood becomes more like the Whiteaker area. She wants more local retail shops and restaurants but is glad the Friendly area re-paved all the roads and put sidewalks in. Ely mentioned it makes it a lot easier to live and walk around the community.

Mical Lewis a J-Tea employee enjoys working in the neighborhood because of the nature and the energy Friendly area offers because it is “not completely citified.” It’s a dog friendly area, which brings in a lot of people and pets, which she enjoys. “It’s well traveled but not busy. It’s a magical junction,” said Lewis.

Parker Coehn works at The Healthy Pet and lives in the area. He likes the strong community, “it’s a nice community and people come here to take classes and have doggy play dates.” As much as he likes the area, Coehn thinks the neighborhood is lacking things to do.

The biggest complaint about Friendly is the lack of entertainment. “We could use a few more hangout spots, a coffee shop or a bar even,” said Coehn. The area has PartyCart, a food stand whose menu changes weekly, hours constantly fluctuate and uses locally grown produce and meat. The residents want more than that, “I want a brewery,” said Ely, “I want Friendly to morph more like Whitaker.”

Lewis wants more events to happen around the neighborhood, “the tree lot that was here during Christmas put on an event for disabled children who couldn’t go to the mall to see Santa.” Since the neighborhood is quieter than the mall they were able to host the event. Lewis hopes more events such as the tree lot happen in the Friendly neighborhood. During the summer, J-Tea is hoping to put on events; it’s the winter months that are in need of events.

The Friendly Area Neighborhood is quiet and well friendly. There isn’t much to change according to resident Doug Ely, “we live here for a reason.”

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