Nature and Familiarity Stand Out in Goodpasture Island

Goodpasture Island is located right off of Delta Highway and is home to a variety of destinations, including Marist High School, Delta Ponds and the nearby Valley River Center. More importantly, it is home to a wide demographic of residents who enjoy the neighborhood for both its scenery and the people who live around them.

While the neighborhood lacks the navigable streets more commonly found in downtown Eugene, it makes up for that with its scenic routes and long stretches of road. The most notable feature found while traveling along these routes are the Delta Ponds, one of Eugene’s most famous natural landmarks. The Ponds are home to a variety of wildlife, including turtles and salmon, and was recently reconnected with the Willamette River after “10 years of planning and phased implementation,” according to the city of Eugene. Jim Montgomery, captain of the Valley River Fire Station, likes the work that the city has done with the Ponds.

“I think they’ve done a great job and I think it’s really enhanced the area not just for the Goodpasture Island residents, but for everyone who wants to come and walk around the ponds,” Montgomery said.

Goodpasture’s location has made it an ideal place for a variety of homes and apartment complexes, including Valley River Village and The Boulders. The demographic of its residents include college students, families, and retirees.

“People that are looking for a quiet place will typically come over here. It’s a big mix of everyone,” Brianna Inico, Boulders leasing agent, said.

There are also bike trails which not only allow easy proximity to several shopping centers located nearby, but are also pleasant ways for the residents to relax and enjoy the wildlife around where they live.

“We get a lot of people that like to go walking or biking, ‘cause we have that right in our backyard,” Inico said.

Goodpasture’s tight-knit community has been another one of the main draws for its residents. Kathleen Sturza, manager of The Cleanery, has been located in Goodpasture Island for 13 years and knows many of the business owners and patrons that live nearby. She has been especially pleased with the friendliness of everyone who she interacts with regularly.

“It’s a great community. I love the fact that everybody here knows everybody. It’s a community all in itself,” Sturza said.

Whether it’s the wildlife encompassing the whole area or the close connections that its residents share with each other, Goodpasture Island lives up to its name as a remote area of Eugene that is plentiful in both nature and good people.

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