“It’s good to have Chip on our side.”

Students around the UO campus had many reactions to the Chip Kelly NFL coaching scare, but the common responses were that of surprise, relief, and celebration.

“People are euphoric now,” said Alex March, a UO law student. “Coaching in the NFL at the highest level… they’re after him. He’s been extremely successful.”

Twitter and Facebook exploded last night with tweets and posts from news sources, sports reporters, and Duck and Buc fans. The story started last night with several credible sources such as KGW Portland and the Chicago Tribune publishing that Oregon football’s coach of 3 years was “close to a deal” with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rumors spread that the deal was finalized and Tampa Bay fans even readied themselves with “I love my Bucs” cheers.

“Thank goodness!” said Hillary Eichinger. “Chip has taken us to the Rose Bowl twice.”

Some of the flurry surrounding Kelly was a little misplaced. John Krakowski, a computer science freshman, said he had heard on Facebook this morning that Kelly had accepted the deal and was leaving. He had not heard otherwise. “I was really surprised,” was his comment on Kelly’s leaving Oregon.

Once Krakowski found out that Kelly had released that he still has “unfinished business” and will stay in Eugene Krakowski said, “It’s very reasurring. The ducks do so well and it’s good to have Chip on our side.”

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