Chip Won’t Dip

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly was confirmed to be signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the new head coach. Media outlets were reporting on Sunday that Tampa Bay came to an agreement making Kelly the head coach. To Duck fan’s delight, he resigned his decision just 12 hours later.

Kelly led the Ducks to the Rose Bowl back in 2009, the BCS National Championships in 2010 and just this year to a Rose Bowl victory. His legendary coaching over the past three years has made him in high demand for a position in the NFL as head coach.

Students at the University of Oregon are proud to see Kelly stay. “He gave up quite a bit,” said student Zan Schindler pre-law major, “I think it shows a lot of character that he stayed.”

However, not all students are happy to see Kelly in head coach position at all. “Chip Kelly is probably making way more money than what makes any sense. That doesn’t serve athletes well and it is a distraction to students,” said Katie Dwyer a conflict resolution masters degree student.

Aside from Kelly’s monetary arrangements with the University, some students heard rumors about Kelly leaving because of sanctioning rules with the NCAA. “I thought he was leaving to escape from that,” said student TJ George business major, “When I found out that it was just rumors, I was actually pretty happy that he wasn’t leaving.”

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