Blazers are Ballin’ on Twitter

Get it here! The top tweeters for the Portland Trail Blazers!

Oregonlive has their own twitter for the Portland Trail Blazers follow them at @blazerblog! They post articles pre-game articles, during the game and post game articles. The blazer blog contains news, photos and videos. You’ll find a collection of articles from writers: Jason Quick, Joe Freeman, Mike Tokito and Sean Meagher.

Joe Freeman (@BlazerFreeman) is another great person to follow on Twitter. He reports for the Oregonian and You’ll find a lot of interviews with players after games.

Jason Quick (@jwquick) also works for the Oregonian but adds a little humor to his posts about the Blazers.

Here is the official Trail Blazer Twitter (@pdxtrailblazers).

For a more personal feel, here’s Lamarcus Aldridge personal twitter (@aldridge_12) who plays for the Portland Trail Blazers.

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1 Response to Blazers are Ballin’ on Twitter

  1. Suzi Steffen says:

    Love the headline, Brittany! Heh.

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