The Portland Trail Blazers Beat Blog.

If you grew up in Oregon, you know there is only one choice when it comes to professional basketball. Oh yes, The Portland Trail Blazers. Even though their track record is not the best, if you’re a true fan you stick with them. I’ve been a fan ever since I was a little girl.

As a kid, I would go to Blazer games all the time. My parents would alternate taking me. My mom’s friend worked in the ticket office and would score us free tickets all the time.

What sealed the deal for me is when I was selected to high-five the Blazers. It was a typical game; I had on all my gear from my Blazers sports jacket to my Blazer necklace down to my black and red shoes. They took me down to the main floor to watch them warm up. When the warm up was over, the players went back into the locker room before the game was to start. Then, they lined all the kids up and the Blazers came pouring out! Arvydas Sabonis towered over me, my favorite player Bryan Grant high-fived me and I thought I had died and went to heaven. I swore to my dad that I would never wash my hand again!

Ever since then, I have followed the Blazers through the good times and through the bad. There are many sites to find information on the Blazers. For more facts, stats about players, and where to buy tickets, the Blazers Official Website is a good place to start.

On the Blazer’s main site, there is a page for Blazer Bloggers. Mike Barrett, a notorious sports caster, post blogs here. Brian Wheeler, who does the radio play-by-play, has a blog there too named: BLOGSHAKALAKA. Even, announcer Mike Rice posts to a blog called RICE. What is awesome about this site is sports casters post here but they leave it open to the fans to blog as well.

The Portland Trail Blazers have an official twitter account. So, if you’re looking for updates on the game, big plays, or whether they won or lost, this is the place to go.

There are a few sports writers for the Oregonian and who focus on the Blazers: Jason Quick, Joe Freeman, Mike Tokito, and Sean Meagher. They all post to the same blog called, The Blazers Beat. It covers previews and recaps of the games, polls, and profiles of players. Between the four of them, they have the Blazers covered. An interesting fact about Sean Meagher: he graduated from the U of O with a degree in Journalism.

For a more personal feel, you can follow some players on Twitter like, Lamarcus Aldridge, Marcus Camby, Wesley Matthews, and many more of the Blazers.

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