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My mother would always tell me, “I’m so glad you got out when you did.”

An ominous statement in its own right, it became a sad truth when I first realized what she was talking about. My former high school, like many other public schools around Oregon and the United States at-large, has begun implementing a four day school week due to budget cuts.

While my failing small town school story may not be  a perfect example of the US education system in its entirity, it is undeniable that the national education system is changing. And thankfully, there are several excellent resources to help anyone keep up with everything they could want to know about the state of the US education system, even if you’re just staring out:

This Week in Education

This blog is one of the better education news aggregators around, providing everything from opinions and editorials on the most pertinent education issues to YouTube videos meant to inspire. A must if you’re looking for a quick way to familiarize yourself with the status of the US education system.


A good source for staying current with our policy oriented approach to education, Eduwonk manages to find some of the better sources of education policy analysis out there and reblog it for the world to consume. An excellent place to keep the brain sharp and catch up on all the things you’ve missed, especially if you’re unfamiliar with a lot of the major education policy bills and acts of the last few years.

Derek’s Blog

Terrible name, wonderful resource. Now that you have all the information you could need on education policy, finding out just what the future of Education will look like is a good next step to take. Derek may be just one man, but he sure knows what technology trends are becoming current in the education world and has some very pointed things to say about both their successes and their pitfalls. Considering the state of education and the internet’s unstoppable integration into our lives, this is definitely one reading assignment you don’t want to skip.

As if foreshadowing the new ways in which our teachers have begun to learn and implement new learning strategies, twitter has become a major resource for educators around the country and is a great place to start your “education” education, so to speak.

For instance, US Department of Education Press Secretary Justin Hamilton’s twitter account provides one of the best looks into the day-to-day workings of the US DOE and will help anyone get on track with the way in which the government is beginning to frame and approach the education discussion. Staying one step ahead of the game is important to knowing not only the new changes and opportunities within the system but can also help identify and analyze the government’s education priorities before they are even implemented.

Education Week

Finally, Education Week isn’t the be all and end all websites for keeping up with all the breaking news in the US education system, it is certainly one of the most comprehensive. Finding out who the biggest hitters in education policy are and what they are saying is a breeze with this invaluable education newspaper. Also available in twitter form, this one is definitely worth a follow.

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