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Comic books have been an important part of American culture since the early 20th century. One of the most famous icons that the United States has is a man flying around in a cape and red underwear promoting Truth, Justice and the American Way. He’s called Superman, maybe you’ve heard of him? However, over the past decade, comic books have reached a whole new audience through ventures into other media, specifically movies and television. There have been exceptions, most notably the 1978 Superman movie that put Christopher Reeve, and the Batman film series that lasted from 1989-1997,  including the critically panned Batman and Robin which almost destroyed any hope for the comic book film to become a popular genre.

Nevertheless, it’s 2012, and the comic adaptations are riding strong and don’t plan on cooling down soon. Four comic book films are coming out this year including The Avengers (which has no less than six different heroes teaming up together) and The Dark Knight Rises, and one of the most popular television shows, The Walking Dead, is based on a long-running comic book series.

The latest poster for the anticipated blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises. Courtesy of

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with a list of sources that will keep you updated on the latest news on all types of comic adaptations in film and television. There may occasionally be news on other types of adaptations as well, such as popular books, video games, remakes, reboots, etc.

I have been going to this site for years. They keep up to date on the latest news surrounding anything related to comic book movies, as well as news regarding science fiction, fantasy, television, video games, and comic books in general. They are also unique because all of their articles are user-generated.


This site is similar to, although paid writers are the contributors. While they mainly focus news regarding actual comic books, they also provide news regarding film and television, as well as posting Internet videos and parodies relating to superheroes.


This is another professional site that not only provides news on comic book adaptations, but has also been the source for many exclusives and tips.


While this is a website concerning news regarding any type of film, television and music, they do have their fair share of news concerning comic book movies, like this article concerning The Dark Knight Rises and its shooting schedule

General News Sources

While the above sites are great for obtaining news, it’s important to remember that many of their articles are passing off news that was originally discovered by other media sources. Many scoops and exclusives come from the more established newspapers, magazines and websites. So while your chances of finding news concerning comic book adaptations may be more difficult if relying solely on these sources, it’s still important to occasionally visit them and see what they’ve dug up. One of my favorites is Empire Magazine, which is the go-to place for any film news. There’s also Deadline, The New York Times movie section, MTV Movie News, Los Angeles Times Movies and countless others. I’ve also found that Twitter is a good place to go if you don’t feel like trekking through all these websites. If you follow different types of sources and also follow directors and actors involved with any type of comic production, you’re sure to get all the news you need.

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