J 361 Introduction: Stephanie Essin

Hi there!

My name is Stephanie Essin. I go to the University of Oregon here where I was born in Eugene. As a true local, I have the privilege to say that I am a full blooded duck. I am interested in all things related to news, but my true desire is to be an anchor/reporter. Here at the UO I am majoring in Journalism with a focus in Electronic Media.

Cheering for the Ducks! Outside of school, I am involved in 2 extra curricular activities. I am a member of Duck TV News, a student run publication aired Wednesday nights on channel  23 at 10:00 pm. I am a anchor/reporter for Duck TV News, so I am following my dreams on a small scale. I am also a member of the University of Oregon Cheerleading squad. I devote hours weekly to my sport and I really enjoy it. I went to the 2012 Rose Bowl and cheered my team on to victory in front of more than 100,000 fans. I love preforming! The Oregon Cheerleading program has given me many opportunities to network with big names in broadcast journalism. I have met Lee Corso, Erin Andrews and many other big names in sports and ESPN. It has inspired me to look into side-line reporting, but we will see when I graduate.

I love music as well. I write, sing and play guitar. I am inspired by many artists including Fiona Apple, Imogen Heap and the talented Tori Amos. I am a closet music nerd so don’t wear an ACDC or a Black Sabbath band tee around me unless you are prepared to talk about their albums in detail, poser. 🙂 Check out my YouTube page for my latest original songs and multimedia clips!
My YouTube Page

About stephanieessin

Currently in pursuit of my Master's of Multimedia Journalism at the University of Oregon. 23, Media enthusiast.
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