J 361 Introduction: Brittany Parvi


My name is Brittany Parvi and I’m a junior here at the U of O. I’m a journalism major with a minor in business. Multimedia production is what I want to do with journalism because I love editing video and creating multimedia projects.

A fun fact about me is I’ll be studying abroad spring term in Siena, Italy. Although I am very excited to go, I’m still quite nervous because I’ve never left the country before (besides Canada and I was little). AHA International and the UO Study Abroad Office are letting me create a multimedia project for their offices. It is for first time travelers like myself. Sono pronto per questa avventura!

I’m a huge football and basketball fan. The Portland Blazers and Green Bay Packers are my teams. I worked with College Game Day while they were here and had a blast! So one day, I would love to work for ESPN.

Once you get to know me, you’ll realize I’m a goofball with way too many lame jokes!


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