Last Enterprise Update

I am absolutely loving my enterprise project. I love the way everything is turning out, especially the sidebars. After going to a meeting and getting inputs on my rough drafts, I have decided on one of my sidebars being about the ages in the Whiteaker, and then one of them being on the crime in the Whiteaker. Also, another statistic that seems to be coming up a lot in my research is the “race” factor. I might do something on that, and why race could play a big role in the abuse of drugs in a neighborhood. There are so many statistics that I never really paid attention to until now. I love the fact that my research is going well and I am finding aspects that will make my piece much stronger. In these sidebars, I will have statistics, which will really help to make my story stronger. I love the fact that I was given the idea of using graphs to show the intensity of the issue of drugs in the Whiteaker as a whole. In these sidebars, I will take little pieces from my story that fit well in the description of my sidebar, and add them to pieces I have already written. By that, I mean that I will be using the residents’ quotes to emphasize my graphs and statistics.

Soon after doing this, I will finish up on correcting my rough draft, with the mistakes that I made the first time around, and I will be ready to post. Hopefully, this all goes according to plan.

About pchung91

I am a Journalism major at the University of Oregon, and I aspire to be a Sports Journalist sometime in the near future. That being said, I love to write, as well as read in my spare time.
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