Enterprise Update

I feel well positioned to complete the remaining pieces of my Enterprise story. Several minutes ago, I arranged a time on Monday to interview a teacher at the Whiteaker Head Start Center. I will also be taking pics of her and her classroom. The profile of her will be my third written piece.

I have completed the Q&A (my second written piece.) I need his (my source for the Q&A, Tod Schneider) input on a section of my main feature so have sent him a follow-up e-mail. He does not return to the office until Tuesday afternoon. I will have everything done by that point and will drop his reply into my feature, if appropriate.

My feature, and primary written piece, is almost complete. I need to fine tune it, edit it, etc.

I have the pictures for my audio slide show and have my interview time set for Friday afternoon to record the accompanying audio. I also have one section of my video recorded, although it still needs to be edited. I hope to interview one more individual this weekend. I’m playing the video by ear.

I cannot think of anything else right now. I have made some great contacts if I decide to pursue stories in the future on heroin addiction in Eugene (big) or drug rehab options in Eugene (slim.) I might continue to write on this as an area of personal interest.




About Barbara Bellinger

Journalism major and Spanish minor at University of Oregon
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