Enterprise Update #3

Here’s an update on my story: I’m loving the way it’s turning out, though I feel like I need more sources. I was thinking about interviewing another person (who’s involved more in the religious aspects of the Whiteaker neighborhood). In doing this, I will be able to get a perspective that I don’t really have as of now. I have Whiteaker locals. I have business owners. I feel that if I include this piece, it might have the potential to make my whole piece much stronger than I already think it is. Thus, tomorrow, I will be going to the church that is in the Whiteaker neighborhood. Hopefully, they will be willing to speak to me on the topic of abusing drugs in the neighborhood (moreover, hopefully time, the doors aren’t locked. If they do, they will be one of my sidebars.

In addition to the religious sidebar, I wanted to have another sidebar on Kristie Munro, her opening up her shop in the Whiteaker, and the stories that she has told me about in regards to the drug abuse in the neighborhood that she now harbors a store (there’s quite a bit to tell).

All in all, I believe that my enterprise story is going pretty well, though I would love to have more sources. It would make me feel as if my story is more educated in the aspect of what is going on in my neighborhood and what the feelings are of the people living in the Whiteaker neighborhood (in regards to the abuse of drugs of course). I’m wishing myself luck in moving forward with this assignment.

About pchung91

I am a Journalism major at the University of Oregon, and I aspire to be a Sports Journalist sometime in the near future. That being said, I love to write, as well as read in my spare time.
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