Enterprise Update: #2

The past week has been a rollercoaster of events and projects. My other classes have been in full swing, jobs are taking off (especially ASUO, hello budget season), so my work on this assignment has been put on the back burner. But I have received news back from 3 sources and will do work this week before I leave for Keizer for Thanksgiving.

Tessa Barker, one of the founders of the Eugene Solutions Team, emailed me back with details on the Summer Solutions program. A national program, Summer Solutions was created to expand on the sustainability projects the Jefferson Westside had already started. Although the project will not continue, Barker did point out an area that is in need of some serious work. I hope to take what she said about the Amazon Creek and go check it out for myself.

Christa Linz, the PR for Climate Justice League which is a student run organization at the University of Oregon, discussed what projects are going on on campus and some various ones in the greater Eugene area. I really liked her comments towards the end of her interview about what the JWN and other Eugene neighborhoods need to do in order to become more environmentally friendly.

This week I plan on going to the neighborhood and speaking with different businesses to see what changes they’ve made to becoming more sustainable. I know I will try to stop by one coffee shop, one restaurant, one regular desk style business and possibly finding someone who lives in the area. I feel that they are the ones who will truly make an impact on the way the community accepts or denies changing for the better. I hope to discover all that the JWN intends to do for creating a more sustainable community.

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