Enterprise Story Update

Like everyone else it seems, my past week was crammed, though I devoted the past couple of days to starting the smaller parts of my enterprise story such as the profile sidebar and the survey.

The profile is on a student named Carter Asmann who converted to vegetarianism nearly two years ago and is a strong advocate of a natural food diet. After living his first 19 years as a meat-eater, he decided to take on a vegetarian lifestyle as a personal challenge. I plan on getting photos later this week, preferably when he is shopping for natural food.

The survey I created has been emailed and dispersed to a number of people from across the country. The survey consists of a range of questions from how often the person eats natural food to what they consider natural food to be. The results will hopefully reveal some interesting statistics about peoples’ views on natural food from outside of the Eugene area.

I am still trying to contact employees or owners from Sundance Natural Foods and Capella Market. This is obviously vital and will be done in the next few days.

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