My enterprise story is going. I would like to have more done but I am currently really focusing on research and background. I have changed my subject to how homeless people receive care for their animals. I have sent emails/ been in contact with multiple shelters including West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue who have agreed to sit and talk with me about their experience with low income vet care and how often they receive/help homeless people with pets.


I sent an email to Community Vet Center asking if they could provide some information on the topic also. They responded and said they had forwarded my email to people who could assist me further. I am going to try and meet with them they seem to have an interesting story of why they are starting the Vet Center.


I have done background work on Pro-Bone-O a non-profit free vet clinic for people who have found themselves homeless. Unfortunately I have not been able to contact anyone from this non-profit and cannot seem to find a website other than their Facebook which seems to be out of date. I am hoping someone from the shelters can give me some more information on if they are still providing services. I have also contacted the Lane County Vet Medical Association in hopes they can put me into contact with some other resources or know the status of Pro-Bone-O.

I am working with a woman in the community that works with training stray/aggressive dogs. I have meetings with her all week. She is very active in the dog community so she will be a great source also.


I am planning on taking a trip to the Downtown Area to talk to street people with their pets about how they care for their animals. I have put this off because I am a little nervous but will be overcoming my fear this week!

I have emailed the owner of Sweet Potato Pie asking about her experience with fostering a pregnant pit bull from a homeless person in hopes that she can share her story with me.

I am still at the beginning stages but things seem to be falling into place. I am not doing anything for the holiday so I will lots of time to work on my project!

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