U.S.S. Enterprise – Update 2

My enterprise story concerning business trends of secondhand stores in Eugene is underway!

Thus far, I have completed preliminary interviews with the owners of two stores in Eugene: Your Place and Northwest Pawn. While I believe pawn shops fit well into the category of my story, I do not want to overwhelm my story with pawn shops. Pawning shops have a unique business style that may skew my story and make the results a little too complicated. I would have to get into loan times, loan amounts, monthly interest, etc. While these are important subjects when discussing pawn shops, that’s not what my story is all about. Also, due to the few pawn shops in Eugene, I believe Northwest Pawn will be the only pawn shop mentioned in my story.

Rather than focusing on pawn loans, I want to focus on purchasing trends with used items. So far, it appears that I am getting mixed results: the pawn shop is seeing severely less business than usual, and the secondhand shop is seeing more. I will have to continue my research in other locations to get any meaningful trends.

My future plans include Tsunami Books and one or several Goodwill stores in Eugene. Also, possibly Smith Family Books (both or one location) and St. Vincent de Paul. I plan to begin contact via email, then phone, then face-to-face.

Something that I am concerned about is photography. By and large, I’ve learned that customers do not like being photographed while they are shopping. I’m hoping objects and owners lend themselves better to photography.

About bouchat

I am a blogger specializing in investigative reporting and editorial commentary. Currently a junior at the University of Oregon, I am majoring in journalism and Japanese.
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