Enterprise Update

The focus of my enterprise story is on the lack of public school 
within the Whiteaker neighborhood, and how the neighborhood is 
affected by it, and in what ways. Such as the resources a school
brings to the community, and whether the presence of public schools
decreases the drug problem and crime rates.

So far, I have had two interviews. One was with the two directors 
of Parkside Community Preschool, and the other was with the 
principal of Chavez Elementary. I called the 4J district offices
and the principals of both River Road elementary and the Arts and
Technology Academy at Jefferson, and am waiting on replies. Other
sources I have called have been unwilling to comment, or unable to
due to limitations of their employer. I have had an unexpected 
family emergency come up and have rushed up to Portland to be with 
my family, but on Tuesday I will be conducting two more interviews. 

One interview is with Betsy Boyd, UO Associate VP for Government & 
Public Affairs and active volunteer with 4J schools and school 
funding campaigns. The other interview is with a former student of
 Whiteaker Elementary and whose dad is on the Whiteaker neighborhood
 community council.

While I am in Portland, I will be making a list of more people to 
call and schedule interviews with, and I plan on walking around the
Whiteaker this coming week and interview people, and families, on 
the street.
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