Friendly Enterprise Update

Alright, folks. So here we are, one week into our Enterprise Stories. So far, I’ve had a relatively difficult time tracking people down to interview. I’ve been making calls to contact Sue Harnly, owner of Eugene Coffee Company, located at the corner of 18th Avenue and Chambers Street. My efforts so far have been fruitless, but I plan on going to the coffee shop on Wednesday to either find the owner on site, or find another method in which to try and contact Ms. Harnly.

I’ve gone to the Cafe Yumm located at the Meridian at 18th Avenue and Willamette Street, and I’ve been able to talk to some of their employees about how they’ve seen their business change as the economy has been struggling. I’m attempting to get in contact with either the general manager of the specific Cafe Yumm location, or possibly the owner of Cafe Yumm. The employees I’ve talked to have said the general manager is very approachable, so I’m hoping to establish contact early in the week and schedule an interview.

I plan on trying to interview the owners or managers of the other shops in the Meridian complex, specifically those running Uncommon Scents and the Sattva Gallery. Focusing on how the economy has impacted local businesses, I feel these niche markets will give a different side to the story. Where the food industry might not be hurting as badly, niche markets could tell a very different story.

Right now, I have emails and a few phone numbers for my contacts, but I hope to greatly expand my contact list by Wednesday.

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