Enterprise Update

This is what I’ve done for my enterprise story about Hosea Youth Services. So far, I have interviewed Ken Harvey, Executive Director of HYS; Amanda Alaniz, former homeless youth/current volunteer at HYS; and Britni D’Eliso and Alec Woodward, Urban Missionaries at HYS who focus on the spiritual side of helping the youth.

In addition, I went to the HYS Drop-in Center last Wednesday, where they serve food, provide laundry and shower services, and also provide free clothes and shoes. The Drop-in Center is located in the Evangelical Church on 8th Ave. and Monroe St. in the Jefferson

Some of the donated clothes that Hosea gives away to the homeless youth.

Westside Neighbors. Here, I looked around, introduced myself, and took some pictures. This is where I met and interviewed Alaniz, D’Eliso, and Woodward. I interviewed Harvey before I went to the Drop-in Center, and then we drove over and he showed me around before I talked to the other people I interviewed.

I would still like to interview Mike Langley, Drop-in Center director at HYS. He was busy when I emailed him and when I went to the Drop-in Center, but I am hoping to talk to him soon. I will also go back to the Drop-in Center to take more pictures and talk to more youth. Also, in the HYS annual newsletter that Harvey gave me a young man named Chris is mentioned. He is one of the many success stories and I would like to talk to him about how HYS helped him get to where he is.

Other than personal emails and phone numbers, all the contact information that I have right now is on the HYS website.

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