Downtown Eugene Enterprise Update

For my enterprise story I plan on writing about the Eugene Saturday Market. Yesterday, on November 13th I went to the Saturday Market. This was the last Eugene Saturday Market of the year outside. For the holidays, they start the holiday market, which is inside at the Lane County Fairgrounds. At the Saturday Market I met a lot of local businesses, artists, jewelers, and more. While talking to the vendors, I collected many business cards. This will be very beneficial because now I have many contacts to do a Q & A and a profile. The best contact I met yesterday was Beth Little, the general manager for the Eugene Saturday Market. She gave me a lot of information about the Saturday Market and also told me that she could get me into contact with some vendors who started selling their goods at the first Eugene Saturday Market forty-two years ago.

I feel like i am ahead of schedule for my enterprise story because I have taken a lot of pictures and got a lot of contacts. After attending the Eugene Saturday Market, I plan on interviewing Beth Little for my Q & A and I plan on profiling one of the local vendors who I talked to.

I also took almost two-hundred photos at the Saturday Market, which will help me for my photo essay. I also need to find out more information about the history of the Eugene Saturday Market since I am writing about the history and culture. However, I talked to a lot of people yesterday and asked them questions which will help my story.

The only problem I am having so far is finding out how many people I need to survey to make a graph/chart for the Eugene Saturday Market. I want to find out how many students attend the Eugene Saturday Market. Besides this problem, at the current moment I have no other concerns, now I just need to start writing and contacting my sources.


Some of my sources/contacts:
Cousin Jack’s Pasty Company
PremRose Petal Confections
Nature’s Cosmeceuticals
Camas Country
West Coast Seafoods

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