People seeing blue in Churchill area

Republican Candidates lack backing in West Eugene neighborhood

It could be a tough year for Republican presidential candidates looking to gain support in Eugene, Ore. With the presidential election taking place in 2012, the debates have begun, candidates have launched their opinions on personal websites, and Churchill residents simply are not listening.

Jean K., a mother of two and a resident of the Churchill Area, said, “All three [Romney, Cain and Paul] are absolutely crazy! They’re just so far out there.” Her views were a common trend amongst Churchill residents.

“I don’t have a good feeling about any of the [republican] candidates. I voted for Obama last election, but I don’t really like him either. I have to educate myself on the candidates and their opinions on certain issues,” said Diane Little, owner of the Oasis Pet Salon.

Many felt uneducated regarding the candidates and where they stand. Sharon Williams, receptionist at Churchill Estates Retirement Community said, “I just haven’t been following politics at all. I’ve been busy working.” A nurse at the Churchill Estates Retirement Community, who wished to remain anonymous, stated, “I don’t follow politics at all. I figure whoever gets the votes earns it, and then God help us all.”

That seems to be a reoccurring thought, as Jean K. said, “If I had to choose, which I’m certainly glad is not the case, I would probably choose Romney. He’s the one I know the most about and whom I’ve heard talk about the issues, but that’s one hell of a scary thought.” She continued with, “I hope their chances are very low. The other side ain’t much better, but at least the democrats think about the majority of the people.”

Other residents feel the republican candidates have little to no chance of defeating President Obama in the 2012 election. “I’m not very familiar with Cain or Romney. Ron Paul has the best chance to win [the Republican Primary] of the three. But his chances of beating Obama are minimal,” said Jeanne Anderson, who was selling soccer jerseys at Churchill High School.

“Mitt Romney has the best chance to win of the three. Ron Paul doesn’t get widespread support like the others, though I do like him. Romney appeals to a broader spectrum of republicans. But I don’t think he can beat Obama in the 2012 election,” said another man who wished to remain anonymous.

Regardless of who wins the Republican bid for the 2012 Presidential election, Churchill residents should not be counted on for votes.

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