Joe Sacco Extra Credit

On a cold Wednesday night in Eugene people of all ages started to file into the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art like a herd of buffaloes waiting to hear University of Oregon alumni Joe Sacco speak. After patiently waiting, Sacco took the microphone and started his presentation by showing his conflict of war comics. During his presentation, Sacco showed his detailed comics that tried to put the reader in the moment. “I wanted to make you feel like you were actually there with me talking to the people of these places,” said Sacco. Sacco’s comics are well-known throughout the world as he travels from country to country sketching comics of things he witnesses. Sacco also offered a lot of advice for many young journalists, “keep rigourous notes or a journal because you dont want to forget what happened, what someone said, or what they are wearing,” said Sacco. Many UO students took a lot way from his speech like Tim Moncello. Moncello, a music tech major, said “it was great to see comics in a journalism form as his work is a representation of art and text, which he puts in life context”. Sacco talked for over an hour as spectators packed a lecture hall and another lecture room where the presentation was skyped. Sacco also mentioned that he took about 7 years from start to finish to draw out one of his comics. At the end, Sacco left spectators with a tip of advice: Report Honestly.

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