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Street art blogs can be difficult since most of the time they are mostly made up of images rather than information about the artists of the pieces of artwork. The blogs that have more information about the piece always seem to be the better ones. Sometimes not much is known about the street art which obviously makes it very difficult to write about. The following are a few great examples of blogs that have taken pieces of street art and expanded them beyond just photos.

A’Shop Hits Montreal_Richard Burnett

A'Shop's Montreal Mural

Within the first few lines the reader knows the who, what, where and when of this project. There are great supporting quotes that tell information about the project and the background of the artists. The writer proceeds to speak about why the project is important. One aspect of this piece that others do not often include is how many paint cans and colors are used. Readers that are not themselves street artists would have no idea how much time and paint would go into a project like this one so that information gives readers a perspective of what really goes into the project. The author does a great job on giving a little background information on all the artists that worked on the mural. Other topics that were mentioned that help the reader understand the project are the sponsors that helped, the cities contribution, and the reactions of the public. Colorful images show the piece of artwork up close and from afar. Direct links send the readers to A’Shop’s Facebook page. There is a strong closing statement that addresses A’Shops strive to beautify cities.

350.Org_Chip Thomas

Text reads "we scorch the earth, set fire to the sky we stoop so low to reach so high."

Text reads "we scorch the earth, set fire to the sky we stoop so low to reach so high."

Great street art blogs often come from the artist themselves. This way they are able to give background on the project. This project Chip Thomas did was for 350.Org for environmental awareness. He gives recognition to the people who helped him and introduced him to the project. Thomas goes into depth on the problem of coal mining within the Navajo Nation and the complicated relationship between the people and the coal. He does not include how long this project took or the tools that it took to make but the story behind the project alongside the images works great for a reader trying to understand street art as something that can bring awareness to the environment.

Here Yesterday, Gone Today_Alison Young

From artist JR

Artist: JR

This is a great personal story of street art. The reader almost feels as if they were part of seeing this piece of art and then it being gone the next day. The author has a great introduction of one of her favorite artists and expands on why the piece of artwork works so well. She includes different angles of the artists work. A few days later the piece was gone and a new piece was being started from a different artist. This gives readers a great sense of how street art can quickly come and go.

New artwork going up by Faile

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