Make it Personal

More personal articles about athletes have been swarming the entrance-ways of mainstream media. Now, it isn’t only about athletes and the sports they play. It’s more about athletes as people, and there are many articles that express this.

Jerome Harrison was a running back for the Detroit Lions. In 2011, the Lions offered him up in a trade to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jerome Harrison - Detroit Lions Running Back

The Eagles accepted and Harrison was in his next step: a physical. However, the Eagles’ doctors found something that would void this trade: a brain tumor. One of the many stories told for Jerome Harrison’s life-changing physical surfaced the internet soon thereafter, and can be read here.

Another aspect that seems to be surfing the waves of the mainstream media is the concept of “Tebowing.”

Tim Tebow - Denver Broncos Quarterback

Tim Tebow, the fan-proclaimed savior of the Denver Broncos is one who seems to be a bit on the religious side. Tebow’s signature move on the field is not that of a quarterback. Rather, it is that of a man in prayer. That article can be found here.

Ah, that Plaxico guy. Now, he’s a media guru. About a year or so after Plaxico Burress’ run-in with the law

Plaxico Burress - (now) New York Jets receiver. (was) New York Giants receiver

(explained in full here), he seems to be making a pretty sincere comeback. At least, that’s what the media seems to believe. Read an article on that here.

Personal stories have breezed through and found a spot in the media. Stories like that of Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson,

Peyton Manning - Indiannapolis Colts Quarterback

and Patrick Chung

Patrick Chung - New England Patriots Safety

are a few more that have been put out into the world through the eyes of a writer; and this makes the game all the more fun.

Football is, now, not just a game. It’s a game, played by real people, and the media is now expressing that to the fullest through the articles that are now being posted.

About pchung91

I am a Journalism major at the University of Oregon, and I aspire to be a Sports Journalist sometime in the near future. That being said, I love to write, as well as read in my spare time.
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