Good Arizona Cardinal Stories

The Arizona Cardinals season has been nothing short of a disaster. The Cardinals are now 1-6 on the season and have lost four games by four points or less. They have also lost four games when they had the lead in the second half. Things are not looking good and the NFL season is just about half way over. If even the season looks to be over in terms of playoff hopes, there are some good stories out there about how bad the Cardinals are preforming on the field.


Post-Game Spread. By: Kent Somers

When a team is not doing well most people tend to want to know what is going wrong. Kent Somers lays it all out there in this post-game story. He lays out his notes and things he saw that were cause for attention. The Cardinals seemed to all but wrap up their second win against the Baltimore Ravens with a 17-3 lead. Then the Cardinals collapsed and ended up losing the game on a last second field by the score of 30-27. One of the reasons Somers believes the Cardinals lost, they only picked up a total of 56 yards in the entire second half. He also points out the inexperience in the secondary and the lackluster play of Kevin Kolb at quarterback. The last stat he talks about is how the Cardinals only converted two of eleven third downs.

Kolb, his footwork and his future. By: Darren Urban

The Cardinals traded a draft pick and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for quarterback Kevin Kolb. The Cardinals have been without a dynamic quarterback since the retirement of Kurt Warner for the last two seasons. Kolb was without a starting role after the re-emergence of Michael Vick. Kolb was suppose to be the heir to the thorn after the Donavan McNabb era ended in Philadelphia. Even though Kolb has not played to the expectations of the Cardinals and the fan, he is the future in Arizona. The story addresses Kolb’s play and his future with the Cardinals. A lot of his play has been attributed to his lack of good foot work according to head coach Ken Whisenhunt. It goes into depth on Kolb where as most of the time there wouldn’t be much analysis. His future with the Cardinals is uncertain and if they keep losing the question brought up is, “do they draft Andrew Luck?”

Where Do Cardinals Go From Here. By: Cameron Moon

Much like the first story, it addresses the Cardinals future and where do they take things from here. The topic of injuries come up and how the loss of starting running back Beanie Wells leaves the Cardinals with only two running backs. One of those running backs is undersized and the other has only had nine carries. The Cardinals running game was already awful so the loss of their number one running back only makes the outlook that much worse. The offense is struggling but Moon talks about how the defense is much to blame for the bismal start to the season. The defense is giving up over 380 yards a game and is currently ranked number 26 in the NFL. The ending line for the Cardinals, things do not look good for the rest of the season.





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