Why’s this so good? — Pet Stories

1. Airline finds missing Jack the Cat at JFK Airport — finally

By Mary Forgione

The story of a missing cat at the busiest airport in the United States on LA Times shows not only the popularity of cute pet cat but also the wide-ranged use of social networking as a media. It is interesting that the airline official announced Jack’s safety on Facebook. There has been a lot of Facebook pages for missing pets or people to gain information from all over the world. However, the fact that Facebook page was used as an official announcement in a sense and reported on a newspaper proves the significance of social networking sites as almost as a main stream media today.


2. San Francisco’s pet ban: First reactions

A lot of stories about banning to sell pets in San Francisco were online in July, 2011. What makes this particular story from The Week Magazine different from the rest is that the story is composed by several opinions from people since the topic of the story is very close to people’s daily life, especially if you are an animal lover, it can be assumed that a lot of debates will happen. Therefore, it is interesting that the story contains different opinions from different people, including from both journalists and non-journalists, and gives readers different perspectives. If more opinions from the pro side of the pet banning law were provided, the story would have more diverse perspectives.


3. Are Black Pets Less Likely to Be Adopted?

By Terri Pous

First of all, the top photograph of a black dog, Getty, taken by Jody Trappe, was such an attention attracting image. Getty’s eye shows a sadness and worrying expression through the camera lends. Those expressions are perfectly representing the topic of the story, which is an unconscious prejudice and discrimination against the black dogs/cats. The photograph draws readers’ attention more than the story lede when they first visit the website or found the article on a print. Also, in addition to a stereotypical image of a color “black” from entertainment industry, a logistical problem of appearance on photographs would be very interesting and eyeopener for many readers who are not familiar with pets and animals.

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