Whiteaker Head Start Helps ELL Children Feel at Home

Young English Language Learners are celebrated within the walls of Whiteaker’s Head Start program located at 21 N. Grand Street. This particular Head Start school is designed for preschoolers so the age range of students is from 3 to 5 years old. The school has students whose first languages include Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese, dialects from the Middle East, and Spanish. During the admission process, translators are provided for parents and for students. Educators, parents, and students meet together with a translator to set a baseline and then make educational goals for the remainder of the year. Upon admission, translation services continue to be provided on an as needed basis.

Furthermore, the Head Start team ensures that all students understand and embrace the beauty of different cultures by opening the classrooms to the families of the students. The teachers have parents come in throughout the year and share their cultural peculiarities, differences, and similarities from cuisine and art to clothing and music. Through exercises like these, they hope to inspire young minds to envision the diverse population they live in today as a united one.

The Head Start Program is for low income families only and certain eligibility criteria must be met. To find out if you qualify or for more information, please contact Head Start of Lane County at (541) 747-2425.

About Barbara Bellinger

Journalism major and Spanish minor at University of Oregon
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