Washington/Jefferson Park provides beneficial resource for Whiteaker Neighborhood

Located within the Whiteaker neighborhood is Washington/Jefferson Park. It is located between Washington street and Jefferson street, and runs from 1st Ave. to 7th Ave.

The main attraction of the park is a covered 18,000 square foot skate park located under the I-105 Bridge. It is currently under construction, but will keep skaters out of the elements all year round, and allow them to even skate after dark thanks to lighting overhead. The skate park is an effort by the city of Eugene to revitalize the Washington/Jefferson park, as well as draw a better crowd to the Whiteaker and improve the neighborhood.

Other services/resources offered in the park include:

  • Basketball courts (both half and full-court)
  • Horseshoe
  • Jungle gym for the kids (and young at heart)
  • Fixed benches
  • Picnic tables
  • Performance space
  • Sand Volleyball
  • Year round restrooms.

Washington/Jefferson Park is a great resource for residents of the Whiteaker neighborhood, especially for skaters. It provides a communal space that many people benefit from, and is a valuable asset to the neighborhood.

For more information on the park visit the City of Eugene website, or call the City of Eugene at (541) 682-5010, and ask for the Parks and Open Space Division.

[Images courtesy of Google Images]


  • I misspelled Washington in the blog title
  • I had originally said the skate park was completed, but it is still under construction.  


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