Jefferson Westside Neighbors at your service

Jefferson Westside Neighbors has something for everyone. Diversity is celebrated in this vibrant community, and this is reflected in the business and services offered throughout the neighborhood.

Museums and Art

Jefferson Westside offers a variety of exhibits and events to cater to the artistic and museum-going folks.

1. Lane County Historical Society and Museum 

2. Pacific Winds Music Store

3. Lane Arts Council


There are various forms of medical aid and resources available to the residents of the Jefferson Westside Neighborhood.

1. Peacehealth Medical Group

2. Eugene Sports and Orthopedic Medicine Center

3. Oregon Family Dental

4. Mark A. O’Hara, DDS


Besides the council that helps run the JWN, there are groups that focus on the safety and well-being of the neighborhood at large.

1. Safe Neighborhoods

2. Jefferson Westside Neighbor Association


No matter what the belief may be, JWN offers numerous churches within the neighborhood boundaries.

1. Eugene Faith Center

2. Eugene First Church of the Nazarene 

3. First United Methodist Church


1.  O’Hara Catholic School for students from Pre-School to 8th Grade.

2.  César E. Chávez Elementary School for K-5.

Cesar Chavez Elementary School

Child Care

There are plenty of child care options for the working parent(s) in the JWN. Here are a few.

1. New Dream Child Care Center focuses on nature and the environment, while encouraging a lot of involvement and focusing on each child reaching their potential. With “open ended and flexible” classroom projects, the curriculum focuses on group work and problem solving. In addition, it focuses on building relationships with adults and other kids. Understanding and taking care of the earth is very important at New Dream. The teachers encourage the children to talk about their feelings and ask questions. Hands-on activity is very important. The children work on “responding well to the unpredictable,” as well as exploration and routines. All the kids learn in both English and Spanish on a daily basis from native Spanish speaking caregivers.

New Dream offers 15 hour per week services up to full time services, with additional hourly rates. They are open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. (Short info by Randi).

2. Seven Stars Child Care

3. Security First Child Development Center includes four daily meals and full day kindergarten.

Restaurants and Markets 

1. New Frontier Market has organic coffee, tea and produce, as well as wine and beer.

2. Visit Nib A Modern Eatery for upscale dinner, drinks, dessert, or brunch.

Transportation and Auto

1.  Integrity Auto Repair, 1270 W 7th Avenue, Eugene, OR, 97402, 541 343 1545

Integrity Auto Repair

2.  Sandpiper Import Services, 1301 Lincoln Street, Eugene, OR, 97401, 541 343 9427

3.  Wheelworks, 407 W 11th Avenue, Eugene, OR, 97401, 541 431 7300


1.  Valley Investment Properties, 1388 Willamette Street, Eugene, OR, 97401, 541 345 7368

2.   Investment Property Management Group, 345 W 10th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401, 541 484 5000

3.  Vista Property Management Inc, 1145 Lincoln Street, Eugene OR 97401, 541 343 4367

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