Undercover at The Supreme Bean

The sound of milk steaming was muffled by soft voices and smooth music. It was the perfect setting to a coffee shop scene. I had seen The Supreme Bean Coffee Company many times as I stopped to get my groceries at the neighboring Market of Choice, but never once had I gone in. I was in desperate need of a caffeine fix and, lucky for me, the barista promptly greeted me with a warm smile and deep brown eyes.

After fixing up my warm latte, she swiftly returned to chatting with her two co-workers, one a curly-haired brunette and the other a fiery redhead with a jovial laugh.

“We’re throwing a Christmas decorating party, it’s southern themed. Are you coming?” the brunette asked the barista.

“A southern party sounds amazing! Can I bring cornbread?” she said, then quickly realized,  “Wait, isn’t it early for a Christmas party?”

“It’s never too early for holiday season, I wish it were year round!” the redhead yelled from the kitchen towards the back of the shop.

It’s hard to deny that the holiday season is a favorite among most people. Supreme Bean, or “The Bean” as locals call it, already had a seasonal pumpkin spice latte on the menu.

I sat down in a chair near the back and observed only a few solo customers enjoying their coffee while working on their laptops.

Soon, an elderly couple walked in and pondered over the abundance of pastry options that lay before them. The redhead came from the kitchen to stand behind the counter, patiently waiting to take their order.

“Was this made this morning?” the old man asked as he pointed to the banana bread.

“We bake is fresh every morning, it’s my favorite banana bread ever,” she replied.

“Not as good as this lady’s,” he joked as he put his arm around his wife. She laughed shyly, embarrassed by the flattery.

Young or old, coffee shops are truly a place for anyone to relax, enjoy a conversation, or even make a friend. The Supreme Bean Coffee Company proved to be no exception.

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