Creeping in the Downtown Eugene Association

The residents of Downtown Eugene are scattered throughout the warm and cozy inside of Cheba Hut on a cold Monday night.  As hundreds of hungry customers forcefully open the door their grumbling stomachs are pleased with hearty sandwiches, salads, and delicious cookies. As customers enter the restaurant they can hear Sublime music in the background, hungry customers devouring sandwiches, and different college students engaging in heated discussions or small talk.

The local eatery located on 11th Ave., is a haven for any sandwich lover as fresh meats, bright and vibrant vegetables, topped off with mouth-watering condiments are stocked onto a hearty loaf of bread. The small “hut” is designed with countless amounts of colorful stickers and posters, which gives its surfer, laid back design.

The three workers, two women and one man, are looking forward to getting off as they bicker about getting off. As the man takes the orders from the patrons who enter the restaurant, the two girls are busy working on creating the delicious sandwiches that the customers are ordering. After sometime one woman worker, Jessica, is finally off the clock as she leaves yelling and screaming with excitement.

Into the local eatery enters a young hippy accompanied by his pit bull. As the tall, long brunette hair man orders his short baggy-clothed friend enters as he takes a seat at a booth. After receiving his food, the two men start to discuss their farm. The one man talks about his tomatoes that he is growing. He says that he cant wait for his vegetables to be ready. His short friend then goes on to mock him about his sandwich he ordered because of the countless toppings he decided to put on.

Shortly after a group of teenagers enter the restaurants as they ride in on their skateboards. Yelling and swearing to one another they take forever to order deciding what to get and who is going to pay. While waiting for their food they start to argue about different sports and the last Oregon Duck game. One overweight and loud boy tries to get his point across that Oregon needs to stop getting injured, but is quickly quieted down after he receives his food.

As time passes and no people enter the store two tall and built college students enter the restaurant discussing Monday Night Football. The two students who look like University of Oregon football players start to engage in a loud argument over the football game. Their UO gear is worn from head to toe, as both players start to eat the wonderful odor of their sandwiches head my way. Both athletes love their sandwiches as they keep saying, “These are the best in Eugene”.

While leaving the restaurant they stop and get one last smell of the delicious sandwiches and cookies. Happy customers leave the restaurant with full stomachs and head back into the cold Eugene night.

About spencerschloss8

Senior at the University of Oregon
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